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STUDIO Advanced

Space to learn

Exposure to a variety of texts and genres ensures students can deal with the multiple meanings of lexis at C1 level and fully understand a range of speakers in different contexts.

  • Substantial reading texts in a variety of genres, including real fiction
  • Genre-based 101 Things videos prepare students for using their functional English in a range of contexts
  • A wordmaker box in each unit focusses of word formation
  • A words in context feature for every reading, audio, and video text
  • Studio Views videos help students get used to the challenges of natural delivery and multiple speakers


Student’s Book
  • 12 units made up of three double-page main lessons and one video-based functional lesson (101 Things to do in English)
  • Six review units – one after every two units
  • Language Studio with six Writing pages plus comprehensive Vocabulary and Grammar reference
  • Transcripts of all the audio and video
  • An irregular verbs list
  • One page of grammar and vocabulary practice for each lesson in the Student’s Book
  • A review spread after every two units with a progress test covering vocabulary, grammar, listening, reading, pronunciation, and dictation
  • Wordlists and Vocabulary Beats
  • Genre-based reading and listening activities at the end of each unit
On Helbling e-zone
  • e-book+ including all video and audio plus extra interactive reading and listening activities
  • Cyber Homework
  • CLIL Projects
  • Exam Practice
Helbling Media App

The App allows students to access all media from the course, including:

  • All audio plus Vocabulary Beats
  • All video
  • All pairwork activities within the lessons and the reviews
Teacher’s Guide
  • Detailed unit overview
  • Methodology tips
  • Clear lesson summaries
  • Simple, straightforward teaching notes
  • Reproduced Student’s Book spreads
  • Answer keys and transcripts
  • Extra activities and exam practice
  • Listening and pronunciation tips
  • Photocopiable pairwork activities
On Helbling e-zone
  • Teacher’s DIGI Pack
    • Presentation Software (IWB)
    • Testbuilder + Test Audio
    • Teacher’s Book + Class & Workbook Audio
    • Videoscapes
    • Reference material:
      • Scope & Sequence
      • Workbook keys
  • Placement Test
Helbling Media App

The App allows teachers to access all media from the course, including:

  • All audio plus Vocabulary Beats
  • All video
  • Quick notes for all lessons and corresponding keys

Scope & Sequence

Download the Scope & Sequence PDF for details on the syllabus followed by this level.

Sample Materials

Browse our sample materials now!

Student's Book – Contents
Student's Book – Unit 7
Workbook – Unit 7


Rob Metcalf

Rob Metcalf

Rob ha una esperienza didattica di oltre 20 anni sia in UK che in Spagna. Durante questo periodo ha avuto modo di insegnare a studenti di tutte le età, sia di persona che online.
È inoltre autore di vari corsi ELT.

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Rebecca Robb Benne

Rebecca Robb Benne

Rebecca Robb Benne lavora nel campo dell'ELT da trent'anni come insegnante, editor e autrice. Ha insegnato nel Regno Unito e in Germania, oltre che in Danimarca, dove ora vive. Rebecca ha scritto diversi libri di testo per adolescenti e adulti, nonché moduli online su argomenti contemporanei, ed è stata nominata per un ELTon Innovation Award del British Council.

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