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Book Club and Reading Games: Book postcard and Which classic Red Reader should you read now?

December 02, 2020 by v.dax

Write a book postcard

This activity can work with any age group: young learners, teens and even adults. It is a short writing activity that can focus on a scene in the story or on the whole book.

It can be used for:

  • writing a summary,
  • describing a scene,
  • describing the characters,
  • giving an opinion about the story line.

Some steps to follow:

  • Ask your students to decide if they would like to be one of the characters in the story or if they would like to be themselves.
  • Then ask them to imagine that they are part of a scene, and they are writing to you or to their best friend about their feelings, where they are, and the things that have happened to them.
  • Cut out postcard size pieces of paper from cardboard or any other strong paper.
  • Ask your students to draw a scene or a character, or to design  a book cover on one side of the postcard.
  • Then ask them to write their messages on the other side of the postcard.
  • You can use the postcards as bookmarks or you can create a display board with the nicest cards.
  • If your students have friends living far away, you can ask them to mail the cards as real postcards.

For example, this is a postcard from a visitor in the novel Jane Eyre:

Dear Emily,
Jane and I had a great weekend. It was very windy and cold outside so we stayed inside and played card games and talked about places we'd like to visit. Jane is such a smart and kind girl! Thornfield Hall is a huge house and sometimes I  worry about getting lost in it. Tomorrow some visitors are coming to stay. I'll send you more news later this week.

Jane Eyre postcard

Which classic Red Reader should you read now?

You can use this activity to give your students some reading inspiration.

Come back for the second part of this quiz based on our Blue Readers next week!

Download the quiz and the answers here:

Download more quizzes and games here:

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