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Missa Harmonia Mundi Full Score SATB/SAAB

Latin Mass

  • Music: Lorenz Maierhofer
  • Lyrics: Lorenz Maierhofer, ordinarium missae
  • Component: Full Score
  • Details: 40 pages
  • ISMN: 979-0-50202-083-5
  • ISBN: 978-3-85061-582-2
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The motto of this Mass is: many languages – one Christian faith! For this, the Latin text of each of the parts SAT combines with a living language (German, English or Spanish) sung by the independently borne bass voice. This festive work is relatively easy to sing. Optionally the Mass can be accompanied with strings and/or organ. This formation can be expanded with 2 trumpets. The brass parts can also accompany the choral singing together with the organ.

Content: In nomine / In the Name - Kyrie eleison / Have mercy - Laudamus Dominum / Glory to the Lord - Cantemus Halleluja / Let's sing Hallelujah - Offerimus / We offer - Sanctus / Holy - Agnus Dei / Lamb of God - Corpus Domini / Lord Jesus' Body - Jubilate / Be joyful


  1. In nomine (SATB vok.-instr.)
  2. Kyrie eleison (SATB vok.-instr.)
  3. Laudamus Dominum (SATB vok.-instr.)
  4. Cantemus Halleluja (SATB vok.-instr.)
  5. Offerimus (SATB vok.-instr.)
  6. Sanctus (SATB vok.-instr.)
  7. Agnus Dei (SATB vok.-instr.)
  8. Corpus Domini (SATB vok.-instr.)
  9. Jubilate (SATB vok.-instr.)
  10. In nomine (SATB a cappella)
  11. Kyrie eleison (SATB a cappella)
  12. Laudamus Dominum (SATB a cappella)
  13. Cantemus Halleluja (SATB a cappella)
  14. Offerimus (SATB a cappella)
  15. Sanctus (SATB a cappella)
  16. Agnus Dei (SATB a cappella)
  17. Corpus Domini (SATB a cappella)
  18. Jubilate (SATB a cappella)

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