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Missa Festiva Full Recordings

  • Music: Lorenz Maierhofer
  • Component: Audio CD
  • ISMN: 979-0-50276-139-4
  • ISBN: 978-3-99069-032-1
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This classical modern Mass is originally written for 3-part mixed choir SAB a cappella or with an organ accompaniment and 2 trumpets ad lib.
This festive 6- or 8-part Mass is characterized by a special tonal language and sound energy – of melodic radiance, harmonic color and rhythmic vitality. A sensuous timbre in serenity, faith and archaic contrasts reflect humans’ moving search for the right path to faith.


  1. Kyrie eleison (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  2. Gloria (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  3. Alleluia festiva (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  4. Sanctus (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  5. Agnus Dei (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  6. Alleluia, jubilate Deo (SAB + organ + trumpets)
  7. Kyrie eleison (SAB a cappella)
  8. Gloria (SAB a cappella)
  9. Alleluia festiva (SAB a cappella)
  10. Sanctus (SAB a cappella)
  11. Agnus Dei (SAB a cappella)
  12. Alleluia, jubilate Deo (SAB a cappella)
  13. Kyrie eleison (SAB + organ)
  14. Gloria (SAB + organ)
  15. Alleluia festiva (SAB + organ)
  16. Sanctus (SAB + organ)
  17. Agnus Dei (SAB + organ)
  18. Alleluia, jubilate Deo (SAB + organ)
  19. Pater noster (SAB a cappella)
  20. Alleluia, gaudete (SAB a cappella)

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