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In the Beginning was the Word Full Score SATB


  • Music: Lorenz Maierhofer
  • Lyrics: Lorenz Maierhofer, bible, psalm
  • Voicing: with keyboard instruments, with instrumental accompaniment, 4-Part, Solo
  • Component: Full Score
  • Details: 104 pages
  • ISMN: 979-0-50202-052-1
  • ISBN: 978-3-85061-508-2
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In its content, this moving and festive oratorio presents the Prologue of the Gospel according to St. John in relation to the maturing of humanity in faith. The work portrays the path that leads from earthly striving and doubt to religious enlightenment. The music is characterised by a sensitive setting of the Word, by powerful melodies and colourful harmonies, and by the optimism of religious faith.

The 11 choral parts, that can also be performed individually in religious services and in sacred concerts, are mainly based on psalms. The messages of the choral compositions are musically intensified by soprano and baritone solos. The recitatives are sung by soloists with organ accompaniment or can be declaimed by two narrators (optionally). The instrumental accompaniment by string orchestra and/or organ lends the work a classical festive radiance.

Contents: In the beginning was the Word (choir) - In the beginning (recitative) - Born and awakened (recitative) - Worship the Lord (choir) - All things were made (recitative) - My life (recitative) - Let your eyes drink of God's creation (choir) - In Him was life (recitative) - His Light (recitative) - Earth to heaven (choir) - There was a man sent (recitative) - My eyes seek (recitative) - Fling wide the gates and doors (choir) - The true Light (recitative) - Weariness and exhaustion (recitative) - I will lift up mine eyes (choir) - They who received Him (recitative) - Somebody's knocking (recitative) - Thou art my God and I will give thanks (choir) - The Word was made flesh (recitative) - I am speechless (recitative) - Send forth Thy spirit (choir) - Witness of Him (recitative) - See the Light (recitative) - Lord, grant us peace (choir) - Grace and truth (recitative) - I see (recitative) - I will magnify the Lord (choir) - The Word was God (recitative) - God's blessing (recitative) - The Lord bless you and keep you (choir)


  1. 01 Chor: Im Anfang war das Wort
  2. 11 Rezitativ Bariton.mp3
  3. 12 Rez. S: Oft sucht mein Auge
  4. 13 Chor: Machet die Tore weit
  5. 17 Rez. Bar: Allen aber, die ihn aufnahmen
  6. 18 Rez. S: Und wieder klopft jemand leise an meine Tür
  7. 19 Chor: Du bist mein Gott
  8. 20 Rez. Bar: Und das Wort ist Fleisch geworden
  9. 21 Rez. S: Bin oft sprachlos
  10. 22 Chor: Sende aus deinen Geist
  11. 23 Rez. Bar: Johannes legte Zeugnis für ihn ab
  12. 24 Rez. S: Seht das Licht!
  13. 25 Chor: Verleih uns Frieden
  14. 31 Chor: Der Herr segne

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