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Twelve tips for 2022

December 22, 2021 by Nóra Wünsch-Nagy

Fill up on resources, pick some ideas and get organized

New years and new beginnings give us the chance to organize - reorganize our teaching and resources, allowing us to decide which new ideas and projects to try out in the months ahead. We have collected some ways to refresh your reading resources and stay motivated throughout the year.

Ways of approaching reading 

1 Integrate a project-based approach alongside your course book 

Try one of our many projects-based lesson plans and use it in tandem with your course book. Students find projects motivating, and you will find plenty of ideas in each blog

2 Start a book club / reading circle

If you have always thought of starting a book club, wait no longer. You will find resources and tips on our blog, plus a great Book Club Starter Kit to get you going.

3 Read around the calendar

Check out our monthly calendar for international days, events, author birthdays and film releases so that you can keep your reading plans fresh and engaging.

4 Pick one or two titles for the term

Close reading of a text is an excellent way of learning the language and planning interdisciplinary projects based on the text. Pick a book or two for the term and look for project ideas on our blog to support and expand the reading process.

5 Shakespeare

Simply read Shakespeare. Reading Shakespeare’s works (even just one) can be a term-long project for you and your students, and we guarantee that you will enjoy every moment of it. Check out the Helbling Shakespeare Series for activities, texts, ideas, and support.

6 Theme-based reading

If you are looking for a theme to explore, pick one of the theme-based series on our Readers Blog, for example: Reading for the environment or On the Read.

Stay motivated

1 Webinars

Sign up for our Helbling Webinars 2022 series and become part of our ongoing professional development through the year. You can also watch the 2021 Helbling Webinars on our YouTube channel. Sign up for our newsletter to get information about the monthly webinars.

2 (Online) conferences

Have you checked out your national IATEFL or TESOL groups? They organize regular events which help you connect with the teaching community and get fresh ideas.

3 Teacher circles 

You can also set up your own teacher circle with teachers in your school. Meeting monthly for a tea/coffee and a long chat can be really inspiring. 

4 Readers Blog

An easy way to stay motivated is by following our Readers Blog. When you have a lot of new ideas to try, you definitely feel motivated. There are new posts each week to keep you busy. In 2022, we start a new series called Reading for connections - more about it later in January - and Reading methodologies in February.

5 Interviews

The Helbling Readers Interviews are a collection of interviews with inspirational educators and people involved in the book-making process. Read them for ideas on how different people approach different things.

6 Write to us

If you have an interesting reading project or activity you would like to share with us and other teachers, write to us. We would love to hear your experiences.