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Book Club and Reading Games: Snowball Fight and Cast a Reader

December 11, 2013 by Nóra Wünsch-Nagy

The holidays are getting closer, so this month you can try two easy but fun games in your Book Club or reading class.

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight involves some action and noise, and will make your Book Club meeting lively and exciting. It's great for revising plot and characters, or you can  use to to work with quotes from the books you are reading.

You will need two teams and lots of sheets of paper.  Divide the class into two teams and ask students  to write one question about the books you've read this term on each piece of paper, then crumple them into balls (the snowballs). Then you start the fight,  by getting the two teams have to throw their balls at each other across the classroom. They get 1 point for each snowball they can catch, and 3 points for each snowball they can also answer. In a variation of the game they can write quotes instead of questions on the snowballs and the catcher has to identify the book and the character, give extra points if you wish if they can provide context.

Cast a Reader

This reading game will require your students to use their imagination to cast a book as if it was a film, and then make a poster for it. Write the titles of books on pieces of paper and put them in a box or a hat. Each team has to draw a title and cast a film with contemporary actors. When they are ready, they have to create a film poster with a slogan for the book/film. You can either use original film posters as a sample, or you can look for film poster creator websites on the Internet.

Download the two activities in PDF format here:

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