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Book Club and Reading Games: Change your name and First lines game

March 24, 2016 by Nóra Wünsch-Nagy

If you are looking for ways to introduce new titles to your students and get them to do some language activities at the same time, check out our two reading games. They are ideal for giving students a flavour of the books on offer, and they are also short fun warm-up or filler activities to try in class.

Change your name

  1. You can play this game individually or in groups.
  2. Follow the instructions and ask your students to choose a name they really like.
  3. Read the descriptions to find out about these characters and their stories.
  4. Then match the characters to their stories and talk about them with your students.

Download the worksheet here:

First lines game

This is a simple but fun game. Students either individually or in teams have to match the first lines of a selection of classic novels with their titles. Then ask them to guess what the story is about.

There is a worksheet for the Red Series (levels A1-A2) and the Blue Series (levels A2-B1). Learn more about them in the online catalogue,  read sample pages and listen to sample audio clips.

Download the worksheets here:

We also have a worksheet with the original first lines for advanced students. They can match the first lines from the adaptations and the original first lines.

You can find more Book Club and Reading Games here.

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