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Get on Stage! is a photocopiable resource book with 21 original sketches and plays for young learners and teens.
The book is divided into four sections: Short humorous sketches; Medium-length sketches; Medium-length plays based on traditional stories and Teen dramas.

The DVD contains videos of three sample plays and a film session with co-author Matthew Devitt, while rehearsing a play with a group of students.

The book gives a clear rationale on why and how to use plays in ELT, plus a range of useful and practical tips and suggestions on how to stage a play.

A variety of photocopiable sheets allow students to check comprehension and practise key language.

The Audio CD contains the recordings of eleven plays in the book.

The Photocopiable Resource Series
The Photocopiable Resource Series

is a series of resource books for teachers with creative activities to copy and use in class, written by leading ELT authors.

The Photocopiable Resource Series

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