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Reading resolutions for the New Year

July 24, 2018 by cymaster

Happy New Year!

It's  a new year with new plans, objectives and determination. We have had a relaxing and energising holiday, and now we are ready to roll again. Use every opportunity to motivate your students to read, and the beginning of a new year is as good as an opportunity can get. We have collected some easy New Year's resolutions for you.

1 Read more.

The simplest and best resolution. Make this year a reading year in your English classroom.

2 Dedicate a lesson to reading on a regular basis.

It can happen every day, week or month depending on the number of hours you have or the schedule you have to follow.You can use our Reading Timers and Book Club resources to facilitate reading sessions. Organise reading sessions based on films, art or arts and crafts - you will find all the resources you need on our blog.

3 Become a role model.

Read in front of your students. If your students see you and other students reading and chatting about books, they will be more inclined to open a book themselves.

4 Organise a Book Club.

Visit our Book Club section for ideas on how to set up a Book Club.

5 Create a classroom library.

You will need a colourful classroom library that is easy to access, offers a variety of genres, levels and enough copies for everyone. Browse our catalogue and stock up on books for your classes.

Read more about classroom libraries:

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