Learn how to use this innovative method – for school grades 1 to 7!

  • helps the learner develop an inner feeling for music notes and their relationships (audiation);

  • trains and furthers basic music listening competencies, as well as social skills;

  • enhances individualized learning — adapting to the student’s learning speed and level;

  • introduces musical notation so that children associate notes with their sounds;

  • promotes music-making in the classroom right from the start;

  • guides the learner from solmization to reading notes, and vice versa.

Where to download tabDo!

The app is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For a limited time you can test a free online demo version yourself starting right now!

Just access the free “HELBLING Media App” (not the app tabDo!), which you can install on your smartphone or tablet via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To add new contents, open the app and click on the “+” symbol at the upper right.

Manually enter the code DEMO-PEJP. tabDo! will now appear in the app and you can begin to use it for free.

How to use tabDo!

You can choose between different modes.

In vertical mode the notation has been left out. Depending on the degree of difficulty chosen, the children have a particular set of tonal resources at their disposal. The tonic can be any note desired.

Horizontal mode shows the tonal space within the sheet music. Here also the tonic, tonal resources, and timbre can be regulated through the settings.

Begin by using the “Guidonian Hand”, which helps the student localize the sounds. This is recommended for grades 1 and 2.

The available notes with which the students are working on their tasks can be determined and gradually increased in the settings: From 4 notes diatonically (level 1) up to 7 notes or the chromatic scale (levels 6 and 7).

For classroom music instruction the desired instrument can be determined for every device by means of the proper settings.

The concept behind tabDo!  

tabDo! is an innovative app and teaching method for teaching music in grades 1 to 7.

With tablets you can make tabDo! quickly available to your class and, with its melodies and songs, conveniently train your students’ basic music skills.

The app helps them develop their inner sound associations in a perfectly natural way: Students actively and intuitively discover the world of sound, play back the melodies, modify and transform them, and invent their own tonal sequences.

The methods developed for tabDo! help students develop an inner feeling for music notes and their relationships, from solmization to reading sheet music, and back again.

Working with tabDo!

As a classroom instrument

With tabDo! students can work alone or with a partner. In addition, using the app with headphones means that tabDo! is a perfectly designed instrument for practicing and learning music in classroom situations.

Teaching methods

The teaching program in tabDo! offers ideal 15- to 20-minute practice sequences. The app can be used flexibly and independent of any particular course or songbook.



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