Joint (Ad)venture Music Networking as a Challenge for Music Teachers

European Perspectives on Music Education 8

Author(s): Monika Oebelsberger, Andreas Bernhofer, Gerhard Sammer (eds.)
ISBN: 9783990690178
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Joint ventures concerning music are part of everyday life at schools, universities, and cultural institutions affering music programmes: meeting points between artistic, scientific, and pedagogical fields are established and get enriched by cultural activities from without. A living network of inspiration and cooperation makes it possible to foster the development of joint (music) adventures for/with people of all ages.

European Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 8, focuses on cooperation and networking in the field of music education both within and outside schools. Theoretical discourses, cooperation, and good practice examples are presented and discussed. Authors from several European countries, the United States of America, and Canada give a wide spectrum of international approaches to this important request of recent music education.

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