South African Choral Music
Song, Contest and the Formation of Identity

Author(s): Markus Detterbeck
ISBN: 9783850617130
Order no.: W6691
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For the first time, this paper presents the experts with a comprehensive representation of Makwaya, a vibrant tradition for mixed choruses of the South African middle class that originated in school choirs. In order to track the varied history of the roots existing in the mission schools of the 19th century to today’s great choral competitions, the author conducted extensive research of archive material and carried out numerous interviews. In addition, as a singer and choral director he was able to gain vital experience in the choral pedagogy domain. As a consequence, this volume imparts manyfaceted insights in the history and the present situation of Makwaya.

The book offers:

  • an examination of South African choral traditions and their roots
  • a documentation of topical choral competitions in South Africa
  • numerous illustrations and note examples

The CD-ROM offers:
  • more than 80 minutes of audio material (field recordings, interviews, original recordings)
  • more than 40 minutes of video material (field recordings)


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