Jazzy Pieces 2 for Piano, incl. Audio-CD

10 Easy Pieces

Author(s): Uli Führe
ISBN: 9783990358030
Order no.: S8347
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The second volume of Jazzy Pieces offers ten more attractive jazz pieces for piano teaching, or just for leisure-time fun. The booklet covers a broad range of styles: from Rag for Funny People to Break Boogie, and from Blues between the Teeth to the film music reminiscent of The Movie Is Over. Especially young people, beginning with their third year of music lessons, but also amateur piano players, will encounter a diverse and challenging range of piano playing styles and techniques. Using the tried and tested concepts from his previous volume, the experienced teacher Uli Führe has here again presented a great variety of exemplary exercises for jazz piano playing (for instance, eighth notes and triplets with a swing feel). His educational impulses also lead the way to systematically preparing selected pieces in the booklet.

Including audio recordings of all pieces
The ten complete recordings on the included audio CD offer ideal support for rehearsing the pieces.

Jazzy Variations • A Lovely Land (Jazzy Arrangement) • Blues between the Teeth • Rag for Funny People • Blue Waltz • Break Boogie • After Midnight • Piano Bar • The Movie Is Over (Jazzy Fantasy) • Jazzy Invention

Jazzy Pieces

Volume 2

Volume 1


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