Big Band Drumming (incl. CD and DVD)

A Practical Course with Video Tutorials

Author(s): Stephan Genze
ISBN: 9783990355558
Order no.: S8012
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Big Band Drumming was created for drummers in school big bands, marching bands, and student orchestras, as well as for bandleaders and music arrangers. The introductory theoretical section provides a wealth of basic and advanced information dealing with the features and functions of drums in big bands. Stephan Genze, experienced band coach and professional drummer, places special emphasis on notational techniques and, with extensive examples, explains what a good drum chart is all about. In addition, he graphically demonstrates how a reduced drum notation can best be interpreted in a great variety of musical contexts.

The practical section offers a large spectrum of basic styles from big band literature, using six exemplary compositions: Broadway Memories, Buena Vista, Rush Hour Berlin, Sunrise on Maui, Blues Shuffle, and Funkissimo. Each module provides basic grooves, which are always at hand “in an emergency.” Section by section the learner can then work on the drumming part offered as a photocopiable lead sheet in the booklet. The elaborately prepared video clips on the included DVD present and explain all of the basic grooves and learning sequences. The six music pieces can be viewed not only as full-band performances but also as sounding drum charts to read and play along to. With its complete recordings and play-alongs, the audio CD provides practice alternatives, without the need for using a DVD player or computer.

The DVD includes:

  • approx. 90 minutes of video material covering all of the learning objectives
  • easily playable basic grooves for various styles
  • didactically prepared learning sequences for studying different parts step-by-step (with split screen view)
  • full-band performances with various camera angles
  • sounding drum charts

The audio CD includes:

  • approx. 45 minutes of audio material, recorded with live instruments
  • complete recordings for listening
  • play-alongs (to let you “sit in” with the band)
The detailed video recordings offer special insights into the playing techniques. […] Very elaborately produced.

off-beat (2015, translated from the German)

This practical course provides indispensable study material.

Rolf Kühn, jazz clarinetist, composer, conductor (translated from the German)

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