The Voice (DVD-ROM + APP) - Insights into the Physiology of Singing and Speaking

DVD-ROM for Mac/PC and App in English and German

Author(s): Bernhard Richter, Matthias Echternach, Louisa Traser, Michael Burdumy, Claudia Spahn
ISBN: 9783862272587
Order no.: S8007CR

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Which singer would not like to see exactly what is happening in his or her body while singing? Instrumentalists, such as string players, pianists or guitarists, can observe their sound generation at any particular point in time. However, this is not readily possible for singers, since the crucial movements of the larynx and the diaphragm, as well as the tongue and the velum (soft palate), are hidden inside the body and not visible from outside.

In innovative film clips the Freiburg Institute of Musicians' Medicine has utilized modern, high-end visualization procedures from the field of medicine to gain insights into the processes in the human body during singing and speaking.

First of all, the anatomical structures are precisely explained in the films so that even medical non-experts can identify and understand the functional interactions taking place. The processes made visible in the films are explained in spoken commentaries.

The approx. 100 film clips incorporate active recordings of the lungs and the diaphragm, the larynx and the vocal tract during various song styles (classical/pop/yodeling/overtone singing) and in different vocal ranges (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), as well as during speaking (laughing/crying). These films provide unique insights into the physiology of the creation and forming of sounds, as well as the breathing support process.

These materials can help the learner better understand and improve his or her singing abilities. This is the case for ambitious laypersons as well as for professionals artistically active in various genres. In addition, they enable the singing instructor to more clearly and concisely illustrate these complex processes to students. These films will be a great benefit for all singers!

Helbling Media App

The film clips are accessible in two different ways: either by using the CD-drive in a computer (PC/MAC) or via an access-code (included) which allows to stream the videos in the HELBLING Media App.

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