Popular Styles for Drums 1 (incl. CD and DVD)

A Groove Training with Video

Author(s): Stephan Genze
ISBN: 9783990355411
Order no.: S7964
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With Bossa Nova, Cha-Cha-Cha, Funk, Disco, Jazz, Salsa, and Samba, Stephan Genze guides you through seven popular musical styles which drummers encounter wherever they go. Each of the chapters offers a step-by-step approach: after a short introduction to the style, an intensive practice unit with training grooves follows. These grooves gradually become more advanced and challenging. At the end of each chapter there is an authentic band arrangement (with a photocopiable lead sheet), which emphasizes the stylistic peculiarities and paves the way for the practical use of what has been learned.

Whether a student of music, an amateur drummer, advanced percussionist, or drum teacher—with Popular Styles for Drums 1 anyone can easily expand his or her stylistic repertoire and pass it on to others. One secret to this lies in the crucial role played by the well thought-out interactions of visual, audio-visual, and auditive learning levels: the booklet offers a wealth of knowledge and practical tips on each style; the DVD demonstrates each of the grooves and arrangements presented in the book; the practice tracks and play-alongs on the audio CD guide the learner in rehearsing and improving newly acquired skills.

The DVD includes:

  • approx. 70 minutes of video material covering all of the learning objectives
  • grooves, drum solos, and full-band performances, all played on live instruments
  • various camera angles
  • photocopiable instrumental parts of the band arrangements

The audio CD includes:

  • approx. 60 minutes of audio material, recorded with live instruments
  • 14 practice tracks in various tempos
  • 7 play-alongs (to let you “sit in” with the band)
This course has several great advantages: all materials are included on the CD and DVD as audio and video versions—together with play-alongs and interpretations by Stephan Genze. […] You can also print the individual parts of the other instruments to play the songs together with your band.

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