Travel Sketches for Piano (incl. Audio CD)

10 Easy Pieces

Author(s): Uli Führe
ISBN: 9783990354087
Order no.: S7782

Language(s): English/German

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On a sort of musical map, these ten programmatic pieces journey through a broad variety of countries and regions (Spain, Ireland, Brittany, the Pannonian steppe, etc.). Suitable for children and teenagers beginning with the second/third year of instruction, they can be used to accompany all kinds of other piano tutorials. Preparatory exercises are offered for the pieces French Dance, Tavern in Brittany, Señora Anda Lucía, and Klezmer.

The booklet includes:

  • a varied collection of 10 musical “travel sketches” — ranging from Europe to Arabia—each stylistically influenced by country-specific melodies and playing traditions
  • effective exercises for the more challenging pieces
  • professionally arranged fingerings and suggestions for pedaling
  • additional musical and geographical information (info boxes)
  • witty illustrations to lighten the mood

Including audio recordings of all pieces
The ten complete recordings on the included audio CD offer ideal support for rehearsing the Travel Sketches.


Skerries ■ French Dance ■ Tavern in Brittany ■ The Flowers of the Hebrides ■ Irish Rider ■ The Secluded House in the Black Forest ■ Señora Anda Lucía ■ In the Pannonian Steppe ■ Klezmer ■ From 1001 Nights


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