Physiological Insights for Players of Wind Instruments (DVD-ROM)

DVD-ROM for Mac and PC in English and German

Author(s): Claudia Spahn, Bernhard Richter, Johannes Pöppe, Matthias Echternach
ISBN: 9783862270897
Order no.: S6780CR
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What actually happens inside the body while someone is playing a wind instrument?
This question is especially interesting for players of wind instruments since they normally cannot see the processes going on inside their bodies. This DVD-ROM shows for the first time – with the aid of state-of-the-art examination techniques offered by high-tech medicine – what happens inside the body while someone is playing a wind instrument. In more than 130 films the functioning of the tongue, vocal tract, larynx and breathing system can be observed during the playing of different wind instruments. The physiological processes are presented didactically, so that any musician can understand the functional correlations and gain new insights into playing wind instruments without the need for Prior medical training.

Basics: Structure and Function of the Lips, Vocal Tract, Larynx and Breathing System
Instruments: Trumpet, Horn, Oboe, Clarinet, Recorder, Flute
Production: Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Tomography, Endoscopic Techniques

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