Cloud 9

10 Chill-Out Ballads for Piano

Author(s): Carsten Gerlitz
ISBN: 9783990359969
Order no.: I8590

Booklet incl. audio cd and app for complete recordings and playalongs

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Just open up the booklet and start playing and enjoying: The Popcorn series offers very easy, coolsounding piano pieces from a variety of pop genres. Relaxed band accompaniments, solo tracks, and playalongs provide support and boost motivation at the same time. The series includes an appealing “wellness package” for piano players of all ages—a special treat for the mind, fingers, and ears!

Volume 1: Chill-Out Ballads on Cloud 9
This volume contains ten easy piano arrangements of pop ballads, which gradually unfold and develop their remarkable musical effects using simple methods. These atmospheric arrangements by Carsten Gerlitz are ideally suited for amateur players and piano students. As a bonus, this attractive collection of pieces, with its thematic title Cloud 9, includes the international mega hit A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins in a simplified version for piano.

The Audio Selection for Cloud 9
The enclosed audio CD offers all ten pop ballads to listen to and play along with: (1) as solo-recordings, (2) as complete recordings with band accompaniment, and (3) as playalongs (with band accompaniment)—a total of 30 tracks.

Helbling Media App

With the free HELBLING Media App you have the same audio recordings at your fingertips. A short set of instructions and the access code are included on the inside front cover.


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