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piano comics 1 (incl. Audio CD)

17 Easy Pieces

Author(s): Christian Diendorfer
ISBN: 9783990356012
Order no.: I8095

Language(s): English/German

€ 16.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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These 17 entertaining piano miniatures guide the learner (from the 2nd or 3rd year of instruction) casually and naturally into new worlds of classical music, without leaving out popular trends and movements. The colorful spectrum of these “musical comics” ranges from Asterix to Chaplin Dances—with echoes from the era of silent films—and on to richly dissonant pieces like Nocturne or At the Finish Line. In addition, in each miniature a particular piano playing technique is focused on for practice (e.g., in Tango of Fifths and Mosquito Etude).

The booklet includes:

  • 17 extremely diverse piano miniatures in various 20th century styles—from serious to pop music!
  • clearly and expertly arranged musical notations and fingerings
  • an audio CD with complete recordings of all 17 pieces


Celebration Music ■ Summer Music ■ Chaplin Dances ■ The Old Merry-Go-Round ■ Nocturne ■ Tango of Fifths ■ The Caravan ■ Hands Up! ■ The New Merry-Go-Round ■ Asterix ■ Winter Music ■ In the Museum ■ Mosquito Etude ■ In Confidence ■ Untitled ■ At the Finish Line ■ Evergreen

piano comics

Volume 1

Volume 2


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