Broadway Memories

arranged for smaller bigbands / arrangiert für kleine Bigband-Besetzung

Author(s): Stephan Genze
ISBN: 9783990350140
Order no.: I7180
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With relaxed rhythms, catchy tunes and a vibrant big band sound, Stephan Genze’s snazzy arrangement Broadway Memories evokes the glamour of the golden Broadway era. You may well be reminded of icons of this era like Frank Sinatra and his international hit New York, New York!
Broadway Memories is suitable for moderately experienced big bands. The chart is arranged for smaller big bands and covers the following individual parts:

  • full score
  • alto saxophone 1 in E flat
  • alto saxophone 2 in E flat
  • tenor saxophone 1 in B flat
  • tenor saxophone 2 in B flat
  • trumpet 1 in B flat
  • trumpet 2 in B flat
  • trombone 1
  • trombone 2
  • guitar
  • piano
  • bass
  • drums

The big band charts of this series offer original material for practice and concert written by professional big band composers und arrangers. Each chart contains the full score and scores for individual players, respectively. The arrangements are of easy, moderate or difficult level and are thus suitable for various groups. The series is especially suitable for big bands in schools and music schools.

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