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Missa Brevis San Marco

Latin Mass for mixed choir SATB divisi a cappella

Music: Franco Prinsloo
Lyrics: Ordinarium missae
ISBN: 9783990692653
Order no.: C8977
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The renowned South African composer Franco Prinsloo composed this Missa Brevis especially for the 2019 European Tour of his Vox Chamber Choir from Pretoria. In preparation for a performance by the choir in St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice only a maximum of eight minutes was allowed for the choral singing of the mass. Thus, Franco Prinsloo saw this as a challenge, the result being a beautiful little Missa Brevis that can be heard in a liturgical setting in a church service, one to captivate the concert audience. A fascinating composition that offers every dedicated choir an enhancement of the spiritual repertoire.

Kyrie – Gloria – Sanctus – Agnus Dei


Prinsloo, Franco:
Sonnet 18 (Shall I compare...) (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8471

Prinsloo, Franco:
Sonnet 27 (Weary with toil...) (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8472

Prinsloo, Franco:
Fear no more the heat of the sun (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8473

Prinsloo, Franco:
Hark, hark! The Lark (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8474

Prinsloo, Franco:
Beati qui lugent (SATB divisi)
Order no.: C8475

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Maierhofer, Lorenz:
Glory to the Lord (SATB)
Order no.: C8119