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RUSSIA a cappella (Choir Book)
Vol. 1: Sacred part songs

Masterworks of Russian choral music from 1800 to the present
for mixed voices, ed. by Pavel Brochin

Author(s): Pavel Brochin (Hrsg.)
ISBN: 9783990357224
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Russian sacred choral music is one of the most outstanding phenomena of the entire European musical culture and has brought forth some superlative works. Ever since the opening up of Russia at the end of the 1980s, this music has become increasingly known and appreciated in the West. If many western choirs still shy away from these compositions, it is probably because of the scarcity of relevant practice-based sheet music.

The two-volume choir book RUSSIA a cappella closes this gap very impressively, and in its content also sets new standards. The first volume, Sacred part songs for mixed voices, presents on an unprecedented scale the broad spectrum of Russian a-cappella choral art. Spread across seven chapters which reflect, in chronological order, the most important styles and trends, the 81 compositions contained in the book represent the entire historical development of Russian sacred choral music. In addition to the genuine classics that are a “must” in any compilation of this kind, here you will come across many a new discovery, some of them even being published for the first time. An appendix with a short introduction to Orthodox liturgical music, an informative overview of Russian sacred choral music, thumbnail biographies of all of the composers whose works are contained in the collection and instructive notes on the works themselves, supplies the necessary background information and makes an essential contribution to understanding the works and the conditions that gave rise to them.

Oriented primarily towards practical concert work, the book provides a rewarding and many-faceted repertoire for both dedicated amateur choirs and ambitious chamber and concert choirs. Equally, the book offers compositions for use in divine service, and a thematic index lists the possible uses of the pieces in the course of the ecclesiastical year. The notation has been carefully edited on the basis of reliable sources. In addition to the original Church Slavonic texts in a well thought-out phonetic transliteration, all of the choral pieces have been provided with singable English and German versions based as closely as possible on the originals. These have been written specifically for the present edition, taking the approach that the musical material of the compositions should be left as far as possible untouched – an exercise that has been carried through with this level of consistency for only the first time. In addition to representative choral recordings on CD, audio aids to pronunciation (spoken by native speakers) will soon be available online.

The editor, Pavel Brochin, received his education in Moscow and has been a successful actor on the German choral scene for over 25 years. For this choir book he has made profitable use of his equally deep knowledge of both cultures. Volume 1 of RUSSIA a cappella opens up new perspectives on the Russian sacred choral culture in all its diversity and individuality ands so also makes a valuable contribution to understanding between nations.

IV - "Neue Ausrichtung" / The "New Direction"
Title Demo
  25. Tebe pojem / Dir singen wir / To Thee we sing (S. Rakhmaninov, 1873-1943)
  26. Tebe pojem / Dir singen wir / To Thee we sing (P. Chesnokov, 1877-1944)  
  28. Na odre bolesni / Auf dem Krankenlager / On the sickbed (P. Chesnokov, 1877-1944)  
  29. Heruwimsskaja pessnj / Cherubinischer Lobgesang / Cherubim chant (P. Chesnokov, 1877-1944)  
  30. Heruwimsskaja pessnj / Cherubinischer Lobgesang / Cherubim chant (A. Chesnokov, 1880-1941)  
  31. Pokoj, Sspase / Lass ruhen, Erlöser / Let Thy servants abide (A. Kastalsky, 1856-1926)  
  33. Bog Gosspotj - Blagoobrasnyj Iossif / Gott ist der Herr - Der ehrwürdige Joseph / God is Lord - Noble Joseph (A. Gretchaninov, 1864-1956)  
  34. Wsbranoj Wojewode / Siegreiche Heerführerin / Victorious leader (D. Allemanov, 1867-1928)
  35. Utwerdissja ssertse moje / Mein Herz ist aufgeblüht / My heart rejoiceth (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, 1859-1935)
  36. Blagosslowi, duše moja, Gosspoda / Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele / Praise the Lord, my soul (M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, 1859-1935)
  37. Blagosslowi, duše moja, Gosspoda / Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele / Praise the Lord, my soul (K. Shvedov, 1886-1954)
  38. Ne imamy inyja pomošči / Wir haben keine andere Hilfe / We have no other help (K. Shvedov, 1886-1954)  
  39. Kamo pojdu ot Duha Twojego / Wohin sollte ich gehen vor deinem Geist / Whither should I go from Thy spirit (V. Kalinnikov, 1870-1927)
  40. Jedinorodnyj Ssyne / Eingeborener Sohn / Only begotten Son (V. Kalinnikov, 1870-1927)
  41. Gosspotj prossweščenije moje / Der Herr ist mein Licht / The Lord is my light (A. Nikolsky, 1874-1943)
  42. Hwalite Gosspoda ss nebess / Lobet den Herrn von Himmel her / Praise ye the Lord from the Heavens (A. Nikolsky, 1874-1943)  
  43. Hwalite imja Gosspodne / Lobet den Namen des Herrn / Praise ye the name of the Lord (P. Ivanov-Radkevich, 1878-1942)
  44. Hwalite imja Gosspodne / Lobet den Namen des Herrn / Praise ye the name of the Lord (A. Alexandrov, 1883-1946)  
  45. Utoli bolesni / Heile die Krankheiten / Heal the suff'rings (G. Izvekov, 1874-1937)  
  46. O Tebe radujetsa / Über dich freuet sich die ganze Schöpfung / All of creation rejoices in Thee (N. Danilin, 1878-1945)
  47. Dosstojno jesstj / Würdig ist es / 'Tis praiseworthy (D. Yaichkov, 1869-1953)
  48. Dosstojno jesstj / Würdig ist es / 'Tis praiseworthy (M. Antsev, 1865-1945)
  50. Islijajte pred Nim ssertsa waša / Schüttet eure Herzen vor ihm aus / Pour out your hearts before Him (N. Golovanov, 1891-1953)
  51. Sswete tihij / Heiteres Licht / Gladsome light (N. Tcherepnin, 1873-1945)


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