Cantate Domino (SSAATTBB)

Chor SSSAATTBB a cappella

Music: Hans Schanderl
Lyrics: Psalm 98
Order no.: C8121
Release date: Dezember 2021
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Hans Schanderl bases this piece on parts of the 96th psalm and combines them with sound syllables or lets syllables of individual words be repeated several times. The text is at the service of the music. “The idea of an expression of joy, in the sense of a hymnic ‘Jubilus’ unfolding in the musical texture in a dance-like style, was the foundation for this composition. The dramaturgical form extends from the caccia-like introductory call to the song ‘cantate’ that passes through all the groups of voices, to a brief homophonic climactic merging of all the voices in ‘verkündet zwischen den Völkern’ (‘proclaimed among the peoples’) to a polyphony based largely on the triple-layeredness of several groups.” (Hans Schanderl)


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