10 Cowboy & Western Songs (TB)
for two-part men's choir (TB) and piano

conductor's edition incl. photocopiable songsheets

Music: Various composers, Trad. USA
Gwyn Arch (Arr.)
Lyrics: Various authors, Trad. USA
ISBN: 9783990355978
Order no.: C8091
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Singing is cool Ė especially singing in small vocal ensembles is currently taking on greater significance among young people. This explains the great number of school and youth choirs experiencing large growth in choral music. However, at the same time the established choirs, especially menís choirs complain of a shortage of young people. A frequently cited argument for this is the lack of new repertoire for men's choirs. Although there are excellent examples of modern four-part arrangements and compositions for this genre, these are often simply too difficult particularly for young men. If the guys are still interested in singing after their voice change, they are usually needed for the ďdum-dup-daĒ of the supporting voices in mixed school and youth choirs. However, more attention should be paid to these young menís voices. They should have the opportunity to independently demonstrate their abilities. Anyone who has had good experiences in music early in life will also be interested in singing in a menís choir or a menís vocal ensemble later on.

Precisely for this reason does this collection offer a new concept with a new repertoire, ideally suited for the first encounters with menís vocal singing especially in youth choirs.
The arrangements, written by the experienced English arranger Gwyn Arch for two menís voices (tenor and bass) and piano accompaniment make a full-fledged resounding performance possible. Thus the guys in the school choir can show what ďrealĒ men sound like! Of course, the arrangements are also ideally suited for experienced and seasoned male choirs as an ideal complement to their existing repertoire.

As a special novelty this choral edition includes besides the full score (choral parts with piano accompaniment) in the same booklet all pieces as clear and compact photocopiable songsheets (choral parts without piano). That way, the choral director can legally copy the desired song in choral quantity!


The influence of Hollywood movies together with the advertising industry has created an impression of the cowboy as a romantic, glamorous and courageous fighter. To this day he adorns the packaging of one of the word's favourite brands of cigarette. A glimpse into the history of the cowboys shows that the truth was very different. At the end of the American Civil War, the cowboys mustered free-roaming cattle in Texas and thus responded to the increasing demand for meat due to the growth of the population on the East Coast of the USA. The life of the cowboy was wild, free and violent. Fighting, especially after visiting a bar at the end of the trail, sometimes led to death as every man was armed.
Cowboy and western songs often tell of the cowboy's hard, dangerous and lonely lives. Many of these songs have become widely known and are still sung today. This collection presents ten of the most popular cowboy and western songs arranged for two-part male chorus and piano accompaniment.


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