Cantate Domino (SATB)

Choir SATB divisi a cappella and overton singing for solo voice

Music: Uǵis Prauliņš
Lyrics: Psalm
Order no.: C8089
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This piece is classical as regards style, colour and structure. It begins with a fanfare-like call from the choir on the opening words of the 98th Psalm. Throughout the course of his composition, Praulinš plays with the different musical styles stemming from the traditions of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages. The actual "new song" begins with the entry of the overtones. In this piece, the soloist's melody is precisely notated. It is woth noting how the character of the entire work changes in connection with the overtones. The music becomes more expansive, spherical, delicate and softer.

(excerpt from the booklet of the CD "Cantate Domino Canticum Novum" by Chamber choir I Vocalisti and Anna-Maria Hefele published by Rondeau Production in collaboration with Helbling Verlag, October 2016.)


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