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Yodel Crossover (SATB)
17 Modern Yodels for Choir

Choral collection for mixed voices SATB

Music: Lorenz Maierhofer
Lyrics: Lorenz Maierhofer
ISBN: 9783990355473
Order no.: C7996
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Archaic, sensuous and groovy – these choral compositions are Alpine-inspired world music with special brilliance. Modern in the sense of “in keeping with the times” these relatively easy-to-sing secular and sacred choral pieces move within a wide stylistic range – folksong, classic, contemporary, popular, groovy and world music. With this collection Lorenz Maierhofer defines and characterizes the meaning of yodel for choir as a new world music genre of an Alpine nature – comparable to other more recent manifestations in folk, ethno and crossover music, for example, Hubert von Goisern and the modern “joik” singing of Scandinavia. These yodels for choir can be sung with Alpine, High German and sometimes also with Spanish, English or even Korean lyrics.

1. Ohne Wort' / Without Words / Sin palabres
2. Begegnungs-Jodler / Meeting Yodel
3. Heut ist heut / Heut' ist heut' (Today is Today)
4. Yodel the Blues
5. Der Verliebte / The Beloved / El enamorado
6. Du und i / Du und ich / You and I / Tú y yo
7. I swing heut' für di / Ich sing' heut' für dich
8. 5 vor 12 / Time is Running out Fast
9. Fremde / Strangers
10. Frei / Free
11. Unglaublich (Unbelievable)
12. Der Håhn / Der Hahn (The Rooster)
13. Gråd und a bisserl schräg / G'rade und ein wenig schräg (Straight and a Little Bit Strange)
14. Halleluja-Jodler / Hallelujah Yodel
15. An Gottes Segen / At God's Blessing
16. Es liegt in Gottes Hand / It Is in God's Hands / Está en las manos de Dios
17. Adventjodler / Advent Yodel / Canción de Adviento


Maierhofer, Lorenz :
Yodel Crossover (SATB) - CD
Order no.: C8014CD

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