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Canta Brasil (SATB + CD)
8 choral pieces and arrangements

Conductor's edition incl. CD with complete recordings

Music: Traditional; Jean Kleeb
Jean Kleeb (Arr.)
Lyrics: Traditional; Jean Kleeb
Jean Kleeb
ISBN: 9783990350829
Order no.: C7274
€ 22.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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Practice Mp3

The choral collection Canta Brasil presents Brazilian folk music in a novel musical garb and makes the highly diverse and exhilarating folk music of this country accessible to choirs and vocal ensembles. We hear echoes of some of the varied regions and cultures of Brazil, for example Afro-Brazilian music or the music of indigenous Brazilians. Some of the titles are traditional folk songs, while others are choral pieces composed for the collection, but which have maintained the folkloric style. Whether rhythmically diverse or lyrically vocal, all of the songs reflect the lively and exuberant joy taken in music. The accompanying CD conveys a fascinating impression of the collection, and helps with rehearsal in the original language. In addition, many of the pieces are set with singable English or German lyrics.

Sheet music downloads (e-prints)

By making it possible to download sheet music in the form of e-prints, Helbling for the first time offers you the economical option of purchasing individual titles from its choral books and choral series in quantities to match the number of singers in the choir (minimum order quantity 20 copies) as well as separate instrumental parts. The user rights that you acquire when purchasing music as downloads (printable pdf files) are stated on the sheets.

” Cirandeiro (e-print) € 1.10
Na Bahia tem (e-print) € 2.00
Eia Xango (e-print) € 2.00
Canto a lemanjŠ (e-print) € 1.70
Murucututu (e-print) € 1.70
Ciranda na Canoa (e-print) € 2.00
Das klinget so herrlich / Mulher Rendeira (e-print) € 1.40

Audio downloads (complete recordings)

With audio downloads, Helbling for the first time offers you the option buying full-length individual choral recordings in mp3 format. Our catalogue of audio downloads for purchase, which we are gradually expanding, is an extension of our online list of short audio clips (free clips of about 40 seconds in length), which have proved so popular with both choir directors and singers alike. In addition, the audio CDs accompanying the choral books will continue to be available as a popular audio library for both choir directors and singers.

Encontros do Brasil - port (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Encontros do Brasil - eng (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
” Cirandeiro - port. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
” Cirandeiro - eng. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Na Bahia tem (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Eia Xango (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Canto a lemanjŠ - port. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Canto a lemanjŠ - ger. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Murucututu - port. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Murucututu - eng. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Ciranda na Canoa - port. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Ciranda na Canoa - eng. (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99
Das klinget so herrlich / Mulher Rendeira (Complete recording MP3) € 1.99


Conductor's edition incl. CD

Choral edition excl. CD


Kleeb, Jean:
Encontros do Brasil (SATB)
Order no.: HCCS7427


Maierhofer, Lorenz:
Glory to the Lord (SATB)
Order no.: C8119