5 continents - 10 folksongs (SATB + CD)
Ten choral arrangements for mixed voices SATB and piano
Helbling Choral Collections

Conductor's edition incl. CD with 10 choral recordings

Music: Traditional
Gwyn Arch (Arr.)
Lyrics: Traditional
ISBN: 9783850617314
Order no.: C6703
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This collection by Gwyn Arch of ten folksongs may be small, but five continents are represented within these 76 pages and each continent.
From Mexico (South America) comes La Cucaracha (the cockroach), a Spanish language folksong with a memorable tune and Cielito Lindo which is trated by Mexicans as a sort of alternative national anthem. The African continent is represented by a song from Tanzania - Malaika, and another from West Africa rejoicing in the title Jikela emaweni sia hamba. Both songs have been associated with the celebrated South African singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba, and new lyrics (in English) have been contributed by Stuart Smith. In Russia (Europe) folk music is closely connected with village life and traditions. Kalinka is a young man's daydream under a pine tree, while The little birch tree was a symbol of beauty in Soviet Russia. The fourth continent is Asia. If there is one Jewish song known by Jews and non-Jews alike, it has to be Hava Nagilah. Tum Balalaika is also a Yiddish traditional but it's of Russian Jewish origin. The Folkmusic of the Maori of New Zealand (Oceania) is mostly associated with war chants called Haka, but Hine e Hine and Pokarekare Ana reveal the influence of mid-19th century British settlers.

La Cucaracha - Cielito Lindo - Malaika - Jikela emaweni sia hamba - Kalinka - The Little Birch Tree - Hava Nagilah - Tum Balalaika - Hine e Hine - Pokarekare Ana

Inhalt mit Probeseiten und Hörbeispielen / Content with sample pages and audio clips

Title Demo
  La Cucaracha
  Cielito Lindo
  Jikela emaweni sia hamba
  The Little Birch Tree
  Hava Nagilah
  Tum Balalaika
  Hine e Hine
  Pokarekare Ana

HELBLING CHORAL COLLECTIONS - 5 continents-10 folksongs

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