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Body & Soul (CD)
Religious and spiritual songs

Complete recording of the New Gospel-Mass for choir and speaker

Author(s): Lorenz Maierhofer
ISBN: 9783850612524
Order no.: C4810CD
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€ 17.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)

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Practice Mp3

This groovy, yet at the same time contemplative and meditative Mass combines stylistic features of gospel, swing and pop with lyrics based on the Psalms. Each choral piece is preceded by a meditative spoken text. The arrangements can be performed in various forms: choir a cappella / choir a cappella and speaker / choir, speaker and instrumental ensemble.

Body and Soul (Introit) - There is One More Day (Kyrie) - Now at the Name of Jesus (Gloria) - Who Knows Where We are Going? (Gradual) - Well, I'm Gonna Sing (Offertory) - I Sing Holy (Sanctus) - Waiting for the Lord (Agnus Dei) - Thanks (Communion) - What a Happy Day (Communion) - I've Got a Feeling (Final Hymn)

Audio downloads (complete recordings)

With audio downloads, Helbling for the first time offers you the option buying full-length individual choral recordings in mp3 format. Our catalogue of audio downloads for purchase, which we are gradually expanding, is an extension of our online list of short audio clips (free clips of about 40 seconds in length), which have proved so popular with both choir directors and singers alike. In addition, the audio CDs accompanying the choral books will continue to be available as a popular audio library for both choir directors and singers.

1. Body and Soul (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
2. There is One More Song (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
3. Now at the Name of Jesus (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
4. Who Knows Where We Are Going (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
5. Well, I'm Gonna Sing (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
6. I Sing Holy (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
7. I Sing Holy - vocal-instr. (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
8. Waiting for the Lord (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
9. Waiting for the Lord - vok.-instr. (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
10. Thanks (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
11. What a Happy Day (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
12. I've Got a Feeling (Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99
12. I've Got a Feeling - vok.-instr.(Gesamtaufnahme-MP3) € 1.99