Teaching Grammar Creatively 2nd Ed., e-book

Author(s): Herbert Puchta, Günter Gerngross, Scott Thornbury
ISBN: 9783990897874
Order no.: 399089787EB
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Teaching Grammar Creatively 2nd Edition offers 55 complete lessons covering a wide range of grammar structures, learner levels, and age groups, designed to stimulate the imagination, humour and creativity of your students.

Each lesson is divided into two self-standing main sections:

  • Section A helps develop language awareness and introduces and provides initial practice of language areas that may still be unfamiliar to your learners.
  • Section B provides an opportunity for a deeper and more meaning-focused engagement with these areas, always in an extended context, and always with a strong element of individual creativity.

In this second edition, you’ll find the following changes:

  • New lessons that focus on high-frequency ‘chunks’, consistent with the view that there is no clear distinction between vocabulary (in the form of chunks) and grammar.
  • A greater variety of creative activity types, especially in the B sections of each unit.
  • Suggestions on how to use gamification as a motivational booster and to help students improve their memory for language.
  • A wide range of texts, pictures and recordings available on

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