Psychology in Practice, e-book

Author(s): Marion Williams, Herbert Puchta, Sarah Mercer
ISBN: 9783990897843
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Psychology in Practice clearly lays out what concrete steps teachers can take to promote the positive beliefs, emotions and attitudes that lead to successful language learning, whilst remaining mindful of the uniqueness and complexity of the individuals within their classes.

The activities in this book use insights from the field of psychology to help teachers make informed decisions about getting their students into the most positive frame of mind to succeed in language learning. Students will find the activities inspiring, engaging, and relevant to their own lives. Developing qualities such as courage, perseverance, resilience and confidence will foster the students’ language learning capacities while equipping them with valuable life skills.

This innovative book focuses on how to integrate an understanding of psychology into the everyday practice of language teaching, with chapters on:

  • Helping learners work well together
  • Facilitating a growth mindset
  • Building self-confidence
  • Boosting positive emotions
  • Enhancing motivation and engagement
  • Encouraging self-regulation
  • Promoting resilience
  • Fostering compassion
  • Creating learner wellbeing

Psychology in Practice will empower teachers to develop a classroom culture that will foster positive psychological states in their students while developing their language skills.

Many of the activities are accompanied by photocopiables, audio and presentation materials, all of which can be downloaded from

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