Ramund (SSAA)

Chor SSAA a cappella

Music: Dominik J. Dieterle
Lyrics: Trad. Dänemark
ISBN: 9783990698198
Order no.: 399069819
Release date: Dezember 2021
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This Danish folk song from the 17th century recounts the story of young Ramund and his adventures. This arrangement by Dominik J. Dieterle leads us through the various moods of the verses that show the young hero sometimes somber in battle, sometimes bright and triumphant.


Dieterle, Dominik J.:
Ad te levavi (SATB-SATB)
Order no.: 399069813

Heise, Peter A; Dieterle, Dominik J. (Arr,):
Den vilde Rosenbusk (SATB)
Order no.: 399069814

Mahler, Gustav; Dieterle, Dominik J. (Arr.):
Die zwei blauen Augen (SMATB)
Order no.: 399069815

Dieterle, Dominik J.:
Evening Prayer (SATB)
Order no.: 399069816

Dieterle, Dominik J.:
Evening Prayer (SSAA)
Order no.: 399069817

Dieterle, Dominik J. :
O Weary Night (SATB)
Order no.: 399069818

Trad. Salzburg; Dieterle, Dominik J. (Arr.):
Still, still, still (SATB)
Order no.: 399069820


Maierhofer, Lorenz:
Glory to the Lord (SATB)
Order no.: C8119