Amoi seg' ma uns wieder

Alpine pop ballad for brass quartet

Author(s): Andreas Gabalier
Lorenz Maierhofer (Arr.)
ISBN: 9783990697887
Order no.: 399069788
€ 15.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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Andreas Gabalier wrote this ballade to eternal life on the occasion of the death of his father and his sister. This special farewell song and Alpine pop ballad Amoi seg‘ ma uns wieder (We’ll meet again one day) is now available in a touching arrangement by Lorenz Maierhofer for brass quartet – for variability in the possibilities of sound with eight individual parts.

The individual parts in the brass edition

The score in C includes the following individual parts for brass quartet formations:
1st part in B-flat (trumpet)
2nd part in B-flat (trumpet)
3rd part in C (trombone) / in B-flat (baritone) / in F (horn) / in E-flat (horn)
4th part in C (trombone or tuba) / in B-flat (baritone)

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With the free HELBLING Media App you have access to the audio recording of Amoi seg' ma uns wieder. A short set of instructions and the access code to the audio recording are included on the inside front cover.


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