Canta Navidad (SATB)
Choral score

Christmas Cantata with 14 choral songs from Latin America

Music: Trad. Lateinamerika, Jean Kleeb
Jean Kleeb (Arr.)
Lyrics: Trad. Lateinamerika, Jean Kleeb
ISBN: 9783990694770
Order no.: 399069477
Release date: Dezember 2021
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Latin America’s music world is known for being vivacious and diverse, whereby Christmas music is often European-influenced. Canta Navidad brings together 14 songs that are secular, traditional and folkloric and convey a wonderful impression of the Christmas music culture of Latin America. This choral cantata tells the Christmas story on the basis of different Latin American music styles – from Argentina to Mexico – in four parts:

  1. Advent and Annunciation
  2. The Shepherds
  3. Birth of Jesus
  4. After the Birth and Ephiphany

In addition to the original lyrics in Portuguese, Spanish or Quechua, all the songs in this collection include a singable German and English translation. The part settings for mixed choir SATB or SAB are mostly kept simple – some arrangements are close to the original and others are somewhat more sophisticated. The focus on the typical styles and rhythms of Latin America should always have priority. OR: The focus is on the typical styles and rhythms from Latin America.

Badalando os sinos de Natal (Weihnachtsglocken klingen / The Bells Chime) - Velo que bonito (Schau, wie schön / See How Beautiful) - Corre Caballito (Lauf, Pferdchen / Little Horse, Run) - Estrela de Natal (Weihnachtsstern / Shining Star) - Entrai, entrai Pastorinhas (Kommt rein, ihr Hirtinnen / Come in, All Shepherds) - Calix Bento (Heil'ger Grahl / Holy Grail) - Huachi torito (Der kleine Stier / The Little Bull) - Navidadau (Huahanacá) - A la Media Noche (Um Mitternacht / At the Hour of Midnight) - No la debemos dormir Noche Santa - El Rorro (Das Kindlein / The Babe) - Niño Manuelito (Der kleine Manuelito / The Little Manuelito) - Los peces en el río (Die Fische im Fluss / The Fishes at the River) - Folia de Reis (Dreikönigsfest / Three Kings' Day)


Trad. Lateinamerika; Kleeb, Jean (Arr.):
Canta Navidad (SATB)
Full score

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