The Chatting Trumpet

for solo trumpet within the brass quartet

Author(s): Lorenz Maierhofer
ISBN: 9783990694596
Order no.: 399069459
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An innovative concert piece

This exceedingly effective, rhythmically pointed and lively concert piece The Chatting Trumpet by Lorenz Maierhofer is a highlight for brass quartets. Written in an original and innovative manner for a “solo trumpet within the brass quartet”, he gives the first trumpet the delightful opportunity to shine as a soloist and virtuoso. It opens the “chat contact”, whereupon a moving, animated conversation with the other instruments develops. In addition, an expressive, optional freely played cadenza before the finale should not be missing – the audience’s applause for the four performers is a certainty!

The individual parts in the brass edition

The score in C includes the following individual parts for brass quartet formations:
1st part in B-flat (trumpet)
2nd part in B-flat (trumpet)
3rd part in C (trombone) / in B-flat (baritone) / in F (horn) / in E-flat (horn)
4th part in C (trombone or tuba) / in B-flat (baritone)

Helbling Media App

Audio recording in the Media App

With the free HELBLING Media App you have access to the audio recording of The Chatting Trumpet. A short set of instructions and the access code to the audio recording are included on the inside front cover.


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