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Piano Dreamland 2

10 New Fantasy Pieces, Intermediate Level

Author(s): Christian Thosold
ISBN: 9783990694565
Order no.: 399069456
€ 16.90 (incl. VAT, excl. postage & packaging)
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More Fabulous Piano Sounds

Do you like delightful piano ballads like those from the soundtrack of the 2001 film Amélie? Then just come along with Christian Thosold into his Piano Dreamland! Here again, in volume 2, the experienced piano teacher remains devoted to his sound concepts which are especially popular with young people. At the same time, he has expanded the practice repertoire to include attractive, colorful stylistic features inspired by rock, pop, and blues. Easy-to-play ostinato structures make these soundscapes come to life, and, by using simple techniques of variation and augmentation, these pieces develop into satisfying, original compositions.
The 10 new phantasy pieces presented here range from easy to moderately difficult levels. Special features, including fingerings, pedaling instructions, dynamics, articulations, etc. help piano students in their third and fourth years of instruction to practice more efficiently. The four specially developed Mini-Workshops provide for focused practicing, with exercises based on the pieces.

Helbling Media App

Piano Dreamland 2 in the HELBLING Media App

With the free HELBLING Media App you will have access to professionally produced complete recordings of all 10 pieces. These not only help to motivate the learner, but also serve to check practice results. On the inside of the front cover there is a short text with instructions and an access code for the audio content.


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